Secure payment

Your online purchases made by credit card are being processed with an extremely secure system.

Internet security can be examined under two main titles:

Firstly, the security of the hardware, software and network we use in rendering such service.

Secondly, the security of the data traffic whilst our clients use such service. Safety of the data traffic consists of four basic components.

1- Recognition
2- Authority Control
3- Responsibility
4- Integrity and Confidentiality of Information

SSL protocol which ensures the protection of confidentiality and integrity by means of encryption the traffic between the parties over the internet, is being used for the purpose of integrity and confidentiality of information based on establishment of a secure online shopping system. SSL Protocol is a protocol that is supported by all the mainstream web server and web browsers.

SSL ensures that the information that has been sent is only deciphered strictly at the right address. Information is automatically encrypted before it is sent and can only be deciphered by the correct addressee. Both parties protect the confidentiality and integrity of the transaction and information by verification.

The power of encryption method used during the data flow is dependent on the length of key. The length of key is very important for the protection of the information. In SSL protocol 40 bit and128 bit encryption are used. There are 2128 different keys in 128 bit encryption, and deciphering this required a great deal of time and money.