About us

Layella is an online jewellery & accessories brand, bringing exclusive hand crafted costume and statement jewellery, to men and women all around the World.

The seed for Layella was planted in 2010, when my beautiful niece was born, she is the inspiration behind the name and the brand.

Each piece of jewellery is made by hand, delicately crafted using artistic and traditional weaving techniques combined with fine materials of beads, semi precious stones and crystals. Pieces are exclusive and produced as limited edition jewellery. Every product is a celebration of individuality.

As part of our women’s empowerment initiative, Layella has created a hub for talented housewives and designers, who have come together to create an in-house production & design team, endorsing each product with Love.

Layella - Unique Because You Are

Sincerely Yours

Lucy Nazim

Founder of Layella Boutique Fashion Jewellery

Lucy Nazim, Layella Boutique Fashion Jewellery Founder